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What is the Royal Arch Masonry?

The Royal Arch is the root, the heart and marrow of Masonry,

It was considered so essential to Freemasonry, at the Act of Union the Royal Arch was included as an essential part of the Degree system The Royal Arch completes the Three Degrees, and answers many questions unanswered there Some of the words used are among the oldest known in Masonry.

The origins are lost in history, but many scholars believe it might be one of the oldest forms of Freemasonry It was considered so important we find version of the story independently developed
in England, Scotland, Ireland and France – it even appears in the Scottish Rite Some scholars think it might have been the ‘original’ Masters Degree, and that the Third Degree we now use was a later invention The Ancients made it the central Degree in their system, and claimed it was a key and central part of Masonry.

It answers many of the open questions of the Third Degree It gives us the True Word of Master Mason It complete the Masonic cycle, from death to life, and introduces the concept of a higher plane of consciousness It offers major new avenues of education and symbols for meditation It allows you to join a number of other Orders including Cryptic Masonry and Knights Templar.

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